Sunday, 17 February 2013

Women having sex with selfish motive- why only male is punished?

Subject:  Women having sex with selfish motive- why only male is punished?

                I wish to bring your kind attention to the “Legal terrorism” spread by the so called modern well educated women by misuse of gender based law’s in India. These Law’s were introduced with the intention to help women in need. Powers and facilities were showered by ignoring basic fundamental rights of Male/Society by our Indian constitution. These Law’s due to some faults in our implementation process failed to improve conditions of real needy women who sleep without 3 times meals, sell their body to survive because efforts were not mad at ground level. Since there is no provision of punishment to women even if she comes with selfish motives, these Law’s  were heavily misused by so called modern, well settled women to achieve their financial and other selfish gains unethically practicing advocates and police  takes full advantage of the drawbacks of our system. Lacs of youth are forced to suicide (Suicide rate of husband is double time of women). Youth is losing their jobs being jailed on just false allegations where as on the same land Government failed to take actions against terrorists who killed the innocent people mercilessly. After huge expenditure on these criminals, their punishments are being waved off by our president Smt. Pratibha Patil.

This situation, where youth is compelled to suicide, losing jobs due to misuse of Law’s and Government does not take action intentionally just to please vote bank of so called women who spread Legal Terrorism; is alarming because youth energy is the most precious to any Nation. I am compelled to ask some thrilling questions in large public interest; I hope you will dare to think, to take action on this critical issue honestly:-

Physical relation is the need of men only? and not women?

If a woman make physical relation with a man to accomplish her selfish motives and accept a favour for the same and then same lady complains for physical harassment then why only man receives punishment? Why should that physical relation be termed as rape or physical harassment?

If a woman with her own wish make physical relation with a man to gain favours and receive benefit for the same then why she should not be considered as a professional prostitute? What is the difference between such woman and a prostitute? Why such women should not be issued license for prostitution so that the identity and dignity of hardworking and devoted women is maintained and that immoral values are not cultivated in children?

If any such woman or her relatives to accomplish their selfish motives implicate false cases and complaints then in such circumstances why only men should be punished and not women?

Howcome physical relation with mutual consent can be termed as rape? Physical relation by force can only be attempted once but if the physical relations are made repeatedly then it is possible only with mutual consent and not forced.

This is high time when young blood is filled with full anger. Even now also, if responsible authorities fails to take action then revolution will be same as it recently happened in many countries of world. I on behalf of crores of victims of misuse of Law’s request you to take action by amending these Law’s and help people to use their energy for constructive purposes to make India a based free Nation where every citizen can live, earn with peace and respect the honesty.

Copy to: 1.          Chief Justice of India                                                                      Regards

                2.            Prime Minister

                3.            President                                                                            (Manojj Kumar Vishwakarma)

                4.            Speaker Loksabha, Rajasabha                                    Social activist, RTI activist & Scientist

                5.            Chief Justice of India                                                      Address: Near V.K. Sr. Sec School

                6.            All M.P.’s                                                                             Kotha Mandi, Circular Road

                                                                                                                                Riwari-123401 (Haryana)

                                                                                                                                Mob: 09017419231

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