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Public representatives, Public servants, Judges are Citizen 1’st or Caste 1’st

Subject: Public representatives, Public servants, Judges are Citizen 1’st or Caste 1’st

I wish to bring your kind attention to a very serious crime repeated by our Public Representatives (Panch, Sarpanch, Municipal Councellor, M.L.A. M.P.’s ), Public servants (IAS, IPS & other officers) & Judges ( Judge has been considered as priest of Temples of Justice called as courts) due to their narrow mindset that they belongs to particular caste. They treat them self as caste 1’st & then as citizen.

For the persons involved in Social/Public work like Journalist, Doctor, Lawyer etc, they do not belong to a caste, they have more social responsibility. They are active members of society, there duty is 1’st they are citizen of India.

Why word public, before Public Representatives, Public Servants?

A Public Representative is elected by all members of society including all caste, Male, Female, Young and old, all areas included in that constituency. Since elected by all segments of Society, he/she is called Public Representative in our Indian constitution. Now his/her responsibilities are more & not only a caste representative. Similarly, IAS, IPS and officers have been termed as Public servants because they have been appointed to serve the society as a whole irrespective of caste, religion and sex. A Deputy Commissioner/ Superintendent of Police have been appointed for whole district not for particular caste. There are also citizen’s 1’st and their duties and responsibilities for society are much more than a caste servant therefore called as Public servants in our constitution.

Similarly, Judges have been termed as representatives of God for Justice; Courts (Supreme Court, High Court & other Courts) have been termed as Temples of Justice. Justice is also beyond and irrespective of caste, religion and Sex. A Judge has to be completely neutral in all respects; they are also Public Servants in constitution.

Our voter card does not have caste mentioned. When these public representatives Public servants and priest of Temples of Justice get salary and other benefits, it does not come from particular caste, It comes from the money collected from resources of Nation and every citizen, rich, poor, has contribution to it. Therefore we are citizen of India 1’st and particularly these mentioned above do not have caste. If they involve castism this is serious crime.

Why this issue came to my mind?

In past few years I have seen many cases particularly in persons belong t o SC/ST category. Sarpanch in villages have been misusing this SC/ST act to greatertent all over India, to control the voices against them. Now one MLA for Haryana Mr. Jaibeer Balmiki has recently given one complaint to Speaker Vidhan Sabha stating that Mr. Ajay Chautala abused him by caste specific word, If someone calls Barhmin as Brahmin/Pandit or person of Agarwal community as ‘Bania’ then there is no crime, But when caste word is pronounced for person belonging to SC/ST it is crime.

Recently I caught one such serious issue of Government I.T.I. Narnaul (Distt. Mahinder Garh) where one separate block was made for SC/ST students, their classes were held separately from General Students. You will be surprised that this huge block Named as SC/ST wing was inaugurated by Chief Minister Haryana Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda. SC/SC wing was also displayed on inauguration stone. C.M. was present with 5 MLA’s who were Lawyers also at inauguration ceremony. When issue was raised by Times of India on 08/05/2012, that SC/ST wing word was painted overnight; these activities lead by C.M. Haryana. Lead to caste lines discrimination, Dalit students were realized as Dalits for around 2 years. Is this not a crime? Why cases are no registered against C.M. Haryana and other officers involved in it under SC/ST act? In Haryana I.T.I. in such building have been constructed.

As a responsible citizen of India, I strongly feel these issues created by Narrow minded people should be banned with immediate effect. This is serious violation of constitution of India by those who are care takers and those who know about constitution and are enjoying facilities and Salary & other allowances from Public funds will someone dare to raise this issue in parliament (M.P.) Assemblies of State (MLA’s and all Political Leaders) in the interest of Nation?

Will our Supreme Court accept this letter as Petition in larger public interest of National & Social Unity?

Our India is not as it was 65 years back, youth is waking up, circumstances are charging. People are becoming aware, noted political parties will have to respond to issues of public interest, otherwise it will finish not only carreer but will finish the existence of many so called political parties and their leaders. It is the time to wake up and act; otherwise day is not for when this political revolution will replace you with social leaders created by Anna movement. I hope this issue will awake the consciousness of some good citizens to act on this issue in interest of social harmony and national unity.


Copy to:-                                                                                                             Regards

  1. All M.P. Loksabha, Rajya Sabha
  2. All state assembles
  3. All High court Chief Justices                                                         (Manojj Kumar Vishwakarma)
  4. Leaders of all Political Parties                                                      Social Activist, RTI activist & Scientist
  5. P.M., Law minister                                                                          Address: Near V.K. Sr. Sec School
  6. President of India                                                                            Kotha Mandi, Circular Road
  7. Chief Justice Supreme Court                                                       Riwari-123401 (Haryana)
  8. Shari Anna Hazare Ji                                                                        Mob: 09017419231
  9. All Social Activists
  10. All editors, Media Print, electronic
  11. Speakar/Chair person Loksabha, Rajya Sabha
  12. All Governers, Chief Ministers



Now a days our Indian Government is talking big about women empowerment by giving them more legal rights even at the cost of rights of other members of our family system (that includes elderly parents, children, sister, mother and others). National Commission for Women, Women Child Development ministry, Prime Minister, President speaks and shouts a lot on women empowerment in India. Some educated & well settled women have got benefits of empowerment and most of women welfare organizations are being seen only be rich, upper class ladies on the name of social service, who actually do not know the real problem faced by women at grass root level. The modern Laws are also being used by such well educated women to solve other selfish motives as our Laws be it 1498A, Domestic Voilance, Live in relationship, rape adultery related false allegations there is no punishment to women.

                On the other side there are women who are hardworking, honest dedicated who follow culture of India, who do not go for relationship without marriage, that to with Husband only. In our family system faith and mutual respect has greatest role. Father scarifies everything for family and children, mother deserves extra respect, she handles matters of home. Family members bear all kind of pain to bring up children. There were some social problems also like less support to girl child for education and other occasions. But the same girl receives maximum ornaments, Gold Jewellery, other gifts from Parents, relatives and in laws.

                Education has created awareness among women, but at grass root level in villages and even in urban areas education and health are still difficult. People do not have Toilets at home, most serious reason for rape in villages. In villages and urban India, the people are becoming aware that there is no punishment on filing even false cases. Police, advocates, and other so called social leaders are making money by extortion of innocent people on the name of women empowerment; even women motivate her to file false case. This way such women filing false cases, when comes to ground, till then she has lost the family, father & Father for children. Now since people who provoked her solved their motives and everyone with draws support innocent children are paying the price of the false women empowerment. The torture and harassment of young generation is leading to wastage of most productive energy of Nation. People are losing their jobs, one husband is committing suicide                     in every a minutes. False cases are being registered without investigation by misusing provisions of laws, and powers of arrest by police where as real criminals/ Terrorists are enjoying due to strong network of police, criminals & politicians. Situation is at dangerous level when youth has to suicide due to misuse of laws. In the larger interest of honest, hardworking, dedicated & respected mothers, sisters and other citizens of India, I want to know awareness on serious situations like:


I hope your conscious will wake up, because you also had, father, brother and family members like elderly parents inspite of creating false illusion of women empowerment by providing different weapons like misuse of laws like speedy divorce, sexual harassment at workplace, 498A, Domestic Violence to create vote bank, you will take action by amending laws to stop misuse, and to provide better infrastructure to help women in need at grass root level. Failing which; anger of common citizen, will bring revolution that will finish such ideals for.ever.

In the larger public interest of innocent citizens, children of this nation I request to take action so that precious energy of youth can be saved from wastage of energy and ending their lives due to harassment and to save mothers sisters elderly parents and preserve our India Culture, that west is following.


Copy to: 1.          Prime Minister.

                2.            Law Minister

                3.            National commission for Women

                4.            Women & Child Development Minsister

                5.            Chief Justice of India

                6.            All M.P.’s, & M.L.A’s



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