Saturday, 23 March 2013

Illegal Activities of Police while Arresting............

Solutions by Manojj Kr. Vishwakarma...........................

Respected Indian Citizens,

Now a days in our country situation is like anyone can be Arrrested without any fault ,at anytime. I am giving you some tips that will help in that Situation ,if Police comes to arrest you/ relative /Friend. If you know these basics these will Help you to punish Police misusing Laws/Powers. I sincerely request you to help to spread this Message to Each Indian...................

1) Police canot arrest any Women before Sunrise and After Sunset.

2) Whenever police comes to arrest always take photo of Vehicle they came to arrest, Mobile can be used. if possible also note down Vehicle no. Many cases Police comes in private vehicles using illegal means. That Photo will Help to Punish Police.

3) Always insist police officer who comes to arrest to sign on Paper that he is arresting you & mention reason and time also. This will create Fear to Police. They will think Ten times before Torturing you.

4) Any Medical problem arises in Police Custidy then insist for Treatment. if they ignore then be aggressive but donot stop.......................

5) If you are kept in Lock up, there is no water/ Toilet usable/ Proper cloths not provided in Winter..............then always Complain about it. While in Custidy write about actual happening with you, on wall with small stone/ any object on Tiles of lock up room/ Wall. It will help to prove that you were tortured in Police Custidy.................

6) Police canot Handcuff you without Permission of Court. Handcuffing is meant only for Dangerous & Hardcore Criminals and not for Innocent Persons. Always take photo of person arrested from front and Back so that Handcuffing is visible. This will help you to punish Police Person.
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  • Manojj Vishwakarma These are Great , but simple tools, that can help you to Control your case. that Lawywers will never do. These wil also Help you to Punish Police in Court, so spread it.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Police Complaint Authorities Contact Details

Manojj Vishwakarma
46 minutes ago
Latest Development on Police Complaint Authorities in India..................

You will be Happy to know that 2 days back Supreme Court has issued Notices regarding Police reforms to All states after the Issue of Cruality of Police in Taran-Taran ( Punjab ) and Bihar teachers in Patna. This issue will now get due attention because common Citizen is now angery due to Unresponsiveness of corrupt System.
Next anger will be against Judiciary also , because due to lack/unavailability of Justice to common Citizen, Criminals are going out of Control And FEARLESS to do anything whatever they want due to political interference...............????? Now it is sure that things will take turn.........., we will help you to fight against Injustice of Police, Judiciary. Police Complaint Authority is one of those steps. i have received some information that will Help you................
1) Haryana state
Police Complaint authority established on 16/08/10. Mr. H S Rana Chairman IAS Retd.
Address- Old PWD Building ( Building & Roads), Sec-19 B , Chandigarh
Email id-- , Website--
Phone No & Fax no. 0172-2772244
2) Uttrakhand state
Police Complaint Authority established in around Sep -2008
Address-- 28 Park Road, Near - Deep Longe , Laxman Chock , Dehradoon
Email id--, Website -- NA
Phone no. 0135-2520313 , Fax-- 0135-2520317
3) Gujrat State-- No Police Complaint at State level, but they have started at Distt level Police Complaint Authority and Suprintendent of Police of the Distt is Head of PCA

Union Territories______________________
1) Chandigarh Police Complaint Authority established on June-2010. Chairperson Justice ( Retd) N K Aggarwal Address- Ground Floor, Union Territory Secretariat, Sec-9 D, Chandigarh --160009 , Email id-- , Website-
Phone no. 0172-2740591 , 2740200, 2740021 ( extn. 515)
2) Dadra nagar Havali, Daman & Diu
Police Complaint authority Established on 10/08/2011
Address- Police Complaint Authority, Secretariat 2nd Floor, Village -Amli, Silvasa -396230 , Email id--,
Phone no. & Fax no. 0260- 2630028
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